I’m just a girl reading books and eager to tell my opinion about them. I hope that my input is useful to all the readers out there. I also hope that my audience can find some of the smaller authors out there! (Because once you read all the mainstream titles, they begin to sound the same.) Enjoy your stay!


5/5 An amazing work of art. Going to force all my friends to read it. Would buy it in every edition AND merchandise. My favourite on a bookshelf. 
A great novel. Would give to friends if they ask for recommendations. Would probably buy it. Would read again.
3/5 A good novel. Would praise if they ask specifically about the book. Would probably borrow it from the library but wouldn’t but it. Would probably not read again.
2/5 A meh book. A forgettable novel. Wouldn’t recommend to friends but wouldn’t stop them from reading it. I don’t regret the decision to read it but I don’t think other should.
1/5 An awful novel. Wouldn’t encourage friends not to read. Would stay very far away from it. No redeeming qualities and I’d wish I never read it.