Review: I Believe In A Thing Called Love By Maurene Goo

A rom-com? About dramas? And it’s a novel? This is all my dreams come true. I picked this book up in hopes that it wouldn’t disappoint. And thankfully, it didn’t.

Desi Lee is perfect at everything…except talking to boys. She has a plan for everything and relationships aren’t a thing you can necessarily have a plan for. This has never been a problem for Desi, until the incredibly Luca Drakos enters her life. She decides to apply the same philosophy she applies to every thing else and comes up with a plan. After studying the k-dramas her father loves, she makes the “K Drama Steps to True Love”. Will her plan work? Or is this one thing Desi can’t control?

Desi Lee is so likeable. She probably is one of my favourite YA contemporary characters because she’s so realistic. She’s not flawless nor painfully flawed. She just is. Though she is good at a variety things that I’m terrible at, it’s apparent she worked hard to get there. A few things come naturally to Desi but she does still work hard. I’m also very glad that the author didn’t squeeze the most out of the dead mother thing. Desi accepts what had happened to her and is able to move on. She knows her weaknesses and doesn’t dwell too much on them but plays to her strengths. Desi is what a lot of high schoolers aspire to be.

As for the secondary characters, the representation was great. Her best friend was a lesbian and Desi’s father was an immigrant and ESL. The dynamic between the characters was very positive too. No fighting over stupid things or unnecessary miscommunication that doesn’t add to the plot. Also Desi’s relationship with her father is amazing. You can tell from the book that he’s very caring and she does respect him. You don’t see that in YA fiction a lot and it’s beautifully written in this book.

Luca Drakos is such a sweet guy and he treats Desi so well. He’s not super bad boy nor is he the weird angelic Bible study kid. He’s an artist and he truly does care for Desi. I also loved the fact that we get to see his emotions. Most of the time with male love interests their emotions are either unknown or angry. Never sad or happy. Luca Drakos goes against all the stereotypes and really opens up to Desi. Sometimes I wished he would listen a little more but other than that he was a great character.

Regarding the k-drama inclusion, I was not disappointed. (I’m actually quite proud I recognized some of the titles.) It was adorable the way that the list was acted upon and I loved how even after Desi wasn’t supposed to act on the rest of the list, the events still coincided with it. Nothing too heavy happened and it was so entertaining.

About the ending, I like the fact that it was happy enough. Desi didn’t get everything she wanted but she got enough to keep her happy. It provided closure about where Desi was going and how her and Luca turned out. It was a great ending to a lighthearted romcom and it made me feel at peace.

Final Thoughts: Definitely read if you want something light and funny. Actually, definitely read in general.



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