Review: Antisocial by Jillian Blake

I don’t really know why I took this book out. Maybe because the synopsis seemed interesting? It isn’t really the type of book I would read but I finished it anyway.

The book follows a senior, named Anna Soler, who attends Alexandria Prep. The students of Alexandria Prep get hacked by an unknown individual who leaks everything they have on their phones out to the world. Obviously chaos pursues but how far will the repercussions of this hack go?

I didn’t really like Anna. Actually, I despised her. (On a side note if Anna is supposed to be  noticeably Columbian why is there a generic white girl on the cover.) She makes stupid decisions and uses her social anxiety as an excuse. Social anxiety is a real thing but it doesn’t force you to ditch your friends to join a more popular group. Judging my the author’s description, it should do the very opposite. Make you introverted and afraid of new social interactions. But Anna Soler keeps coming back to her anxiety being the sole reason for everything instead of her lapses in moral judgement. (On another side note, the author uses SAD for Social Anxiety Disorder but last time I checked that was used for Seasonal Affective Disorder.) She also seemed painful self centred as she just care about how everything affected her, not her friends. She seemed very elitist because she hated social media? Girl, you’re not special. I didn’t even understand her thinking at some points. I’m going to critique narcissism and social media by painting myself taking a selfie. It’s a win! Did no one see the irony here?

Again, I’m not sure the author knew how teens actually use social media. A Reddit thread and 4chan group for an entire school? That’s pathetic. Okay so we tend to get a little obsessed with social media but most teens grow out of it before junior year. When it came to social media, everyone in this book seemed immature. The whole “love is the word we use the most” thing was a blatant lie. Most teens probably use lol more than love to be honest. (I’ll give it to her for the heart emoji though. That was on point. Not sure about the other things however.)

As for characters in general (other than Anna Soler) they were really well developed. I loved the flaws in every character. They were interesting and quirky and lovable. I wish we got to see more of the effect of the hacks on them. Since the rack affected everyone differently, it would’ve been great to get a better sense of what the consequences were but the author didn’t go into to it as much as I would’ve hoped she did.

Final Thoughts: Read for the characters but don’t expect any enlightenment.





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